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Aqualaskin – R.I.P Take (Tribute) (Song Lyrics)

Aqualaskin R.I.P Take (Tribute) (Song Lyrics)

[CHORUS]Real niggas don’t die
Trappers we multiply
Straight out the bando
Now in sky
He bout the kulture
With it
King of the adlibs
Smooth with the lingo
Best of the migo
Rip takeoff
Nigga gon live on
Dab now a fashion

[VERSE 1]He bought the culture with him
King of the adlibs
Jump out the phantom
Young rich nigga chain
from none but dirt To fame
With none but a stove
Celebrating nigga life he gon
Forever gon live on
Through kulture
Another bottle to the ground
Blunt to the sky
I miss yah mama
Take off was one of the coolest
Flow was the greatest
Mumble rapping with the passion
Trap with the fashion
Migo the fastest
Influential with the attitude
Baguette on the neck
He had em to
From the projects
To a rich nigga
Inspired lingo
We been dabbing to
Started trapping
After fight night
Nigga flow got me traumatized
All I wanted was to flip birds
Slang like nigga from Georgia
Take off a legend I told yah
Take off
Purple sipping with the flexing
Jewelry water he was drowning
Made it from nothing to something
Started a kulture
Made me a trapper
Look at me mama
Now I’m on activis
Screaming takeoff didn’t deserve this
Feel like I lost a bag
It’s deeper than rap
The good dying young
Another idol done gon
Rap slowly dying on
One minute on
The next he dead
Death never come with no warn

[PRE-HOOK]King of the adlibs
Fun with the lingo
Who was the coolest
Best of the migo
Farewell to a legend
Young rich nigga nation
Black eminem
my heart he alive
We multiply
Take off

[VERSE 2]I ain’t known take personally
Yet this flow he influenced it
That’s the way of the kulture
Linked through the industry
Brothers in rapping
Being a rapper got me paranoid
role models getting gunned down
Stop with the violence
That shit is senseless
Put down the guns
Enough with the violence

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