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Samsung Latest Deals (Phones)

Another amazing and satisfying stock of the Samsung flex that has the capabilities of transforming in shape and is also in stock to have the experience of the awesome invention and make a change with this technology…

you just have to purchase it and it will be delivered to u any day anytime the other good part is it will be delivered to you anywhere Finally, the Flex Slidable concept looks quite similar to OPPO X 2021. The device looks and acts just like a standard slab phone but its display rolls out horizontally with a press of the button to increase the real screen estate. Samsung’s demo shows the expanded display area can be used for apps and shortcuts.

Samsung’s Flex S and G panels make the foldable phone of your dreams

Even though the existing foldable devices haven’t become ubiquitous, people are already wondering what comes next. Samsung’s current devices fold only once down the center. What if there were bi-fold or even tri-fold panels?

That would certainly be the stuff of dreams. It will bring a whole new level of versatility to mobile devices. Samsung has been working on just that. The company has shown us a glimpse of this future with its Flex S and Flex G panels at CES 2022.

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