“When it comes to human rights, we need all hands on deck,” says new UN Human Rights Chief

As he took office on 17 October as the UN’s eighth High Commissioner for Human Rights, Türk emphasized that he will “always be guided – first and foremost – by the impact our work has on the people that we serve.”

“Human rights are humanity’s common language,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk. “We need a human rights system that speaks to every human being.”

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to every situation,” he said. “I hope to use every tool at our disposal to advance the human rights of all people.”

Türk said the mandate for the High Commissioner encompasses deep engagement with everyone, including governments, human rights defenders, civil society, as well as “very clearly speaking out when it is necessary.”

“I know how critical advocacy is for human rights,” he said. “It is so important in today’s world that there is a distinctive voice of conscience, reason and wisdom in a fragmented world. The High Commissioner for Human Rights has to be that voice, a High Commissioner who is not bound to any agenda except to the Charter of the United Nations, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the whole human rights framework that exists.”

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